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ARM® DS-5 Development Studio

DS-5 is an end-to-end suite of tools for embedded C/C++ software development on any ARM-based SoC. DS-5 provides comprehensive support for SoC design and bring-up. From the earliest RTL (register-transfer level) simulation through to optimizations for native Android apps, DS-5 gives you the best insight into systems based on ARM-cores.

The suite includes

  • ARM compilation tools (safety-certified ARM Compiler 5 and LLVM-based ARM Compiler 6)
  • System autodetection to simplify JTAG debug and trace via CoreSight using the DSTREAM debug probe
  • Streamline for a visual approach to system optimization and performance analysis
  • ARMv7 and ARMv8 Fixed Virtual Platform for software development without a hardware target

Developing with DS-5


Built on Eclipse, for intuitive source code editing, project management and version control.


ARM Compiler 5, ARM Compiler 6 and Linaro GCC offer you a toolchain for any project.


DS-5 Debugger gives unprecedented insight into ARM systems, from bare-metal to Linux and Android.


Tune your system for energy efficiency throughout your project with Streamline performance analyzer.

System Bring-up in DS-5

DS-5 is designed alongside ARM processors, the CoreSight infrastructure and the debug hardware. DS-5 helps to abstract the debug connection and comes with preconfigured debug connections to devices from over 40 semiconductor partners and OEMs. For new devices, DS-5 autodetects the system-on-chip infrastructure, identifying the cores and trace macrocells to make debug connections simpler to set up. With the Streamline Performance Analyzer system optimization is achieved, ensuring the software most efficiently makes use of the underlying hardware.

Watch the following short introduction to the ARM DS-5 Development Studio.


The DS-5 Editions

DS-5 comes in three different editions. All editions support big.LITTLE and CoreSight. DS-5 allows you to debug and profile big.LITTLE systems with the ease of debugging a single core device. With CoreSight offers advanced debug and trace, with an abstraction layer to enable easier system configuration in custom SoCs.

DS-5 Ultimate Edition 

The ultimate edition supports the very latest ARM processors and technology, such as ARMv8, including the Juno ARM Development Platform and ARMv8 FVP.

DS-5 Professional Edition

The professional edition supports all ARM processors up to and including ARMv7, providing exceptional debug and trace capabilities as well as access to ARM Compilers.

DS-5 Community Edition

 The community edition is free, allowing access to a limited feature set of Streamline and DS-5 Debugger, enabling Android and Linux application debug.

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