Razorcat Development GmbH was founded in 1997 by Michael Wittner and is an independent, privately owned company located in Berlin. The core technology of the Razorcat products was based on prototypical testing tools developed at the research laboratories of DaimlerChrysler. Focused on software testing tools for the embedded systems market, Razorcat has developed the powerful unit testing tool Tessy for C-code modules, that supports the most relevant microcontrollers, compiler environments and target platforms. The systematic test design tool CTE helps creating low redundant and error sensitive test cases. 

Since 2001, a successful international sales partnership has been established with Hitex GmbH.

Razorcat concentrates on the dynamically growing market of embedded systems development, based on the fact, that more and more software controlled products are widely used in all domains of life. Since the development cycles become steadily shorter whereas the customers expectations raise and errors become much more expensive, automated testing tools like Tessy and CTE are required to achieve the desired level of quality and reliability, especially in safety critical software development projects.

In addition to product sales, Razorcat offers testing and consultancy services to deploy state of the art testing methods and tool technology within customer projects. The suppport provided by Razorcat ranges from product training up to complete test process setup and on-site test execution.