Warwick Control Technologies Ltd. was founded in 1999 as a spin-off from University of Warwick research work. The original mission was to market the X-Analyser for CAN (Controller Area Network) (inc. CANopen, J1939 and NME2000) developed in the Warwick labs. 

Since then, Warwick Control has grown to incorporate many new software and hardware products in its Product Portfolio.

Also, Warwick Control has gained a reputation as experts for Consultancy and Training in this technology. Main Technology areas include Electronic Control Development, CAN for automotive and automation application, Other in-vehicle networks – LIN (Local Interconnect Network), FlexRay and Ethernet Powerlink based networking technologies to vehicular & industrial automation industries.

They provide starter kits, network analysers and simulators, software stacks, training and consultancy services to enable customers to effectively carry out their distributed embedded control system projects quickly and within their budget.