PC-Lint v9.00 for C/C++ with MISRA-C Checking

Hitex (UK) (www.hitex.co.uk) the main distributor of PC-Lint announces the release of Gimpel Software's PC-Lint Version 9.00 for C/C++ with MISRA-C checking. PC-Lint is a static analyser that will analyse C and C++ programs and report on bugs, glitches and inconsistencies. It aids in developing more reliable and maintainable programs. It will speed program development and help to control costs by alerting the programmer to suspect code early in the cycle, when corrections can be made more easily and more economically.

This version debuts the revolutionary "Inter-function Value Tracking". The powerful inter-statement value tracking introduced in earlier versions of PC-Lint has been extended across function boundaries. Functions called with specific values are processed with these values used to initialise parameters.

Version 9.00 also includes improved C++ exception analysis, better identification of "const" opportunities, and improved checking for adherence to MISRA-C Guidelines.

PC-Lint Version 9.00 is upward compatible with and includes the same rigorous checking as earlier versions. These checks include user-defined function semantic checking, pointer tracking, strong type checking, control-flow based analysis of variable initialisation, loss of precision, strange uses of Booleans, and much more.

For a more complete list of representative checks please see www.gimpel.com PC-lint Version 1.0 was released in May 1985, making PC-lint the longest running, continuously advertised C product in history. It has won many technical awards through the years, including the 1990 Computer Language Productivity Award, the 1991 Computer Language Jolt Award, and the 2000 Game Developer Front Line Hall of Fame Award.

PC-lint runs on all Microsoft Windows platforms, MS-DOS, and OS/2.