Tasking Compiler

Altium/TASKING is a Hitex tool partner. The TASKING C and C++ development tools support many DSPs and 8-, 16- and 32-bit microprocessors and microcontrollers. The TASKING 8051, C166 / ST10 and TriCore tools have been tested and are compatible with Hitex in-circuit emulators. 

17 Years Experience With Tasking Compilers In The United Kingdom

For the C166, you can download our "Introduction To The Tasking C166 Compiler", which is in fact the course notes for our Tasking C166 training course held at our UK HQ on the University Of Warwick Science Park.

If you are finding the Tasking memory models and linker/locator files somewhat puzzling then we can supply a number of C166 and Tricore template programs that will get you started.  

Useful "extras" you get when you order your Tasking compiler from Hitex in the United Kingdom:

  • Expert technical support from professional engineers who have actually used the compilers and that are based in the UK, not overseas.
  • A copy of the "Introduction To The Tasking C166 Compiler" with the C166 compiler.
  • For Tasking C++ C166 compiler we can supply you with a real example C++ application that uses the C167's ADC, CAPCOMs and CAN modules via C++ classes. This makes a good starting point.