Keil Software is a tool partner of Hitex. Keil Software offers C development software tool chains for ARM7, ARM9, ARM Cortex M, ARM Cortex R, 8051, 251, C166 / ST10. The tools have been tested and are compatible with Hitex in-circuit emulators.

23 Years Experience With Keil Compilers In The United Kingdom

Hitex has extensive experience with using Keil compilers and have distributed them in the UK since 1989. Today we are the leading distributor for the Keil MDK-ARM tool chain which provides comprehensive support for all ARM based microcontrollers. 

We have published many application notes and books on using Keil MDK-ARM, C51 and C166, which are available in the download section of this website.  Our ‘Insiders Guides’ provide a concise introduction to the practical use of  Cortex M  based microcontrollers and are often used in undergraduate courses around the world. We also run monthly hands on training courses for anyone new to ARM based microcontrollers here.

Our technical expertise with Keil compilers stems from the fact that we have used them in real embedded projects from engine management systems through data acquisition systems to three phase motor drives. Some of these applications are available for download from this website.

Useful "extras" you get when you order your Keil compiler from Hitex in the United Kingdom include:

  • Expert technical support from professional engineers who have actually used the compilers and that are based in the UK, not overseas
  • A free copy of the Motor Industry Software Reliability Association's "Guidelines For The Use Of C In Vehicle Systems" (worth £25!)
  • A copy of the "C51 Primer" with the C51 compilers or the "Introduction To The C Langauge On The C166" with the C166 compilers
  • Monthly training courses for Cortex M and CMSIS RTOS 

If you can make it to our offices on the University Of Warwick Science Park, we are happy to give you an afternoon's basic tuition on the Cortex M processor and the Keil compiler (only applies to Hitex customers).