CIC61508 Support Tools

The Infineon PRO-SIL safety system is being widely adpoted as the means of reaching higher SIL and ASIL levels under IEC61508 and ISO26262 respectively.  An import part of this is the CIC61508 Safety Monitor Companion chip.  This device connects to the host Tricore or XC2000 CPU via SPI only. 

host Tricore or XC2000 CPU via SPI

As part of its adaptation to the customer’s system, the contents of its data flash has to be precisely and carefully configured.  This can be a difficult task as superficially, the data is just tables of hex values, plus the entire data set is repeated in an inverted form as part of a built-in self test.  Most customers hold the calibration data in the form of a spreadsheet or .CSV file but the job of transferring the data into the CIC61508 is a very manual process.  In addition, the real operation of the CIC61508 is largely invisible to the outside world, its only output being the three SYSTEM DISABLE pins that form the safety path. 

To try and reduce the effort required to manage CIC65108 configuration data sets and deal with their programming into FLASH, Hitex has developed the TARDISS GUI-based CIC61508 programmer and test tool.

TARDISS System Monitor

It allows the operation of the CIC61508 to be better appreciated by exposing the entire SFR set to real time monitoring.  It also includes a DFLASH calibration data editor and programmer.  

As the TARDISS contains a basic sequencer test, the CIC61508 can be stepped though all its normal operating states such as READY-ACTIVE-TRIPx-DISABLED and back again.  This allows the internal state machine to be exercised and experimented with.

The calibration data can be edited in an user-friendly environment, with .XLS imports and exports to a variety of formats, including a compilable C const array.  This is especially useful for including calibration data into user applications.  All the data objects can be edited freely.  Finalised data can be downloaded into a live CIC61508 for testing using the live SFR window.

TARDISS Error state Monitor
TARDISS Driver for Windows Communications

TARDISS uses a special driver in the host TriCore or XC2000 CPU that acts as a bridge between RS232 (or USB) and the SPI of the CIC61508.  Optionally, this driver can be combined with the SafeTcore safety driver to give user applications the ability to monitor and programme the CIC61508.

The TARDISS family of CIC61508 tools contains a range of software tools to expedite CIC61508 and PRO-SIL development.  In addition to the TARDISS and PRO-SIL Testbench GUIs there are also CIC61508 SPI driver libraries with the ability to access SFRs, erase and programme DFLASH as well as an applet toolkit that allows custom code to run in the device for diagnostic and test purposes.

For more information on PRO-SIL safety system and the CIC61508, please see Here