Software Quality Tools

This section of the Hitex website is devoted to the topic of embedded software quality.

Hitex offer a portfolio of tools to enable the embedded firmware engineer to screen out unwanted bugs in the software. These include static analysis testing tools (DAC and PC-Lint) and a Unit/Module testing tool, TESSY, from Razorcat. A complete list of the tools is detailed below.

Ten Coding Commandments

The Ten Coding Commandments for software writers

For those of you new to the topic of embedded software quality you might want to take a quick look at the ‘Ten Coding Commandments’, which as its name suggests, is a list of the most important areas for embedded software engineers to consider when authoring new software.

Ten Coding Commandments

Module/unit testing using Tessy

TESSY Unit / Module Testing tool from Razorcat’

The Tessy test system offers automated module/unit testing of embedded C code directly on the target system using standard debugging technology. It supports the whole unit testing cycle and works transparently on almost all supported target debuggers. 


Static software analysis using DAC

RistanCASE Development Assistant for C

Static software analysis generates information from the source code of a program. Static software analysis can reveal questionable constructs in the source code, which can lead to revised, cleaner and more reliable code. DAC also makes use of the MISRA coding standards, when selected, to ensure the software you write is compliant with these new standards.


Classification Tree Editor CTE

Classification Tree Editor tool from Razorcat

The Classification Tree Editor is a PC software tool that is used to help determine test cases. The Classification Tree Editor makes use of the Classification Tree Method as a way of determining test cases for use with software functions.

Classification Tree Editor

Static software analysis using PC-Lint

PC Lint from Gimpel

This long established static analysis tools provide the best value for money for static analysis testing for many embedded MCU compilers and architectures. It provides support for both C and C++ programs with MISRA rules checks for both.


Coding Standards

MISRA 2004 Coding Standards book


The Motor Industry Software Reliability Association (MISRA) have produced a series of software coding standards for developers using the C programming language.