System Software and Middleware

The development process for embedded products has been influenced by a number of industry trends in recent years. One is the shift towards the use of COTS (Components off the Shelf) hardware, e.g. PC104 boards and other single-board computers, and another is the use of pre-packaged system software.

Our COTS hardware products and associated Starter Kits and Development Tools are described elsewhere on our website, but to complement our hardware offerings, we have assembled a wide portfolio of system software from key industry players.

This ever-growing portfolio currently includes: Operating Systems and Real-Time Operating Systems, Real-Time Extensions, Run-Time Libraries, Networking Middleware, Protocol Stacks, File Systems, Flash Utilities, Bootloaders, BSPs, Device Drivers, Debug Monitors and much more.

All of these products have the same goal:- to accelerate the development process, to enable higher levels of integration and functionality,  to facilitate cross-platform portability, and to enable the developer to concentrate on his application.