Test and Certification

Service project to meet the IEC 60335 standard

Class B

Service project for NXP Semiconductors to meet the IEC 60335 standard successfully processed

Subject was the development of a software library including testing, documentation and the steps to get the pre-certification. This ensures the availability of NXP’s IEC 60335 Class B test library for the entire LPC1000 family of ARM Cortex-M3 based microcontrollers. The library has been approved by the VDE (German Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies) testing and certification institute, which is globally recognized as a leader in this field. When using this library, the application will not need to be completely re-evaluated by VDE as part of the final product certification. All the development, testing and certification procedures have been completely performed by Hitex.

“We are very pleased to partner with Hitex as an expert in the range of embedded development,” said Geoff Lees, vice president and general manager, microcontroller product line, NXP Semiconductors. “This cooperation enables us to provide our customers an IEC 60335 Class B test library, reducing time-to-market for white goods and other safety critical applications using our Cortex-M3 LPC1000 family of microcontrollers.”  

By running this NXP project Hitex could demonstrate their competence to speed testing and to assure compliance with industry standards and norms. This service can be also offered for developers of Class B products to reach the final certification of the product.

Unit Testing - SIL 3

Safety critical (SIL 3) crane remote control software

Software was tested at the customer's side:

  • Test effort of more than 1200 hours
  • Tests under time pressure.
  • TÜV certification without retention

Unit Testing - SIL 2

IEC61508 Certification SIL 2 for Safety Critical System from Becker Mining

Software for an active explosion barrier system for gassy underground mines had to be tested.

  • Test effort of more than 500 hours
  • Serious SIL 2 violations detected and reported.
  • Certification without problems in short time

Testimonial from Becker Mining
SIL2 certified system in a rough environment

Unit Testing - Hybrid Drive

Automotive TIER 1: Hybrid drive software test

Software was tested at the customer's side:

  • Test effort of more than 800 hours
  • Customer included the unit tests in his development process.
  • Acceptance of the software without retention

Unit Testing - Keyless Steering

Automotive TIER 1: Keyless Steering Wheel Lock

Software was tested at the customer's side:

  • Test effort of more than 1800 hours
  • First internal Audit successful.
  • Project ongoing

Unit Testing - Code Review

Project IBIS (Intelligent Burn-in System)

Hitex executed a code review for 3 level of software layer:

  • target Firmware
  • control Firmware
  • GUI Software


Due to the development at third parties, documentation was poor.

Critical sections were found with

  • Too complex C constructs
  • High occurrence of MISRA rule violations (which may lead to programming faults, not deterministic compiler behavior and bad portability)


The review resulted in extensive documentation with hints for improvements.

Code Review - Flow Charts,MISRA, Metrics
Code Review - Structograms with EasyCode
Code Review - Documentation with Doxygen