Dedicated Customized Development Tools

Computing Power at High-Temperatures - a Contradiction?

Bare Die Module

For a special customer Hitex created a high-performance real-time computing device that operates reliably at 150° Celsius. The stamp-sized self-contained processor carrier is based on a bare die TriCore TC1766.

Summary of the specification:

  • Rated to 150° Celsius continuous running; tested to 175° Celsius
  • Ceramic hybrid form allows for excellent thermal transfer and high density design
  • Based around a bare die from the Infineon TriCore TC1766 processor with integrated DSP, secondary core and a multitude of peripherals
  • Connections for CAN, serial (RS232/RS485) amongst others
  • Optimized for high temperature, high reliability, high performance usage where space is at a premium
  • Includes on-board 20MHz oscillator, analogue filtering for reference voltage, all necessary decoupling capacitors and reset circuitry
  • Optional fit JTAG connector for full in-circuit debugging

TantinoVCTP for Micronas TV Processor

From an early stage in the project, Hitex was involved in the development of a JTAG debugger for the Micronas TV processor chip, the VCT6wxyP (a single package LCD TV solution).

Hitex has delivered a fully featured customized product development environment, together with the first chip samples, enabling Micronas to quickly get started with real hardware.

Hitex development tools are ­successfully used worldwide by leading vendors for the development of LCD TV applications, a market seeing heavy growth across the globe.

Toolchain for Hilscher netX ARM9-based Controller Family

Hitex developed a customized ­development solution for the netX chip, a universal network microcontroller, in a joint project with Hilscher. The netX is delivered with global technical support to allow the user rapid development.
The easiest and cheapest possibility to evaluate the complete system and to add own functions is given by the netSTICKs netStick NXSTK 50-FB and netStick NXSTK50 RE.
The netStick contains a complete communication interface for real-time Ethernet respectively the fieldbusses PROFIBUS, DeviceNet or CC-Link and 8 MByte memory.