Software Test - Complete Software Test Automation

Hitex are experts in the field of Testing and Debugging. For many years we have been using testing tools for our own products and for our customers.

Unit Testing
Using the Unit Test tool TESSY, Hitex offers a test service which can be applied to your source code.

  • Supply source code
    Simply supply the source code of the C functions you want testing, plus any supporting documentation.

  • Define the test cases
    The test cases are defined using the Classification Tree Method (CTM), which is then applied to the software module specification according to the quality requirements of the application. 

  • Generate a test case database
    Automated Regression Tests can be performed using the Test-Case Database.

  • Run the tests
    Once the tests are complete, any anomalies will be fed back for comparison with expected results.

  • Delivery of results
    After testing is finalised, all test results are delivered. This may also include the test data base and the test case specifications obtained by applying the Classification Tree Method.

  • Check the results
    We can work with you to implement any changes required following completion of the testing.

Why use Hitex to do the testing?

  • No need to purchase and learn a complex and expensive testing tool
  • Engineers are able to concentrate on development, not time-consuming testing
  • Time-to-market is shortened

Additionally we can also offer:

  • TESSY training and consultancy
  • Classification Tree Method workshops
  • Verification of conformity with programming standards, e.g. MISRA
  • Onsite engineering support