Hardware and Software Development

Our design team are capable - and experienced - across the board for both hardware and software development. Although a large amount of this work is carried out under NDA, so we cannot tell you all the nitty gritty details, we can confidently tell you that the tools of the trade we employ combined with real-world experience will ensure your project is delivered on time, on budget and to the highest possible standards.

We have loosely categorised our services below to give you a feel for the areas we cover. Obviously, every project we get involved with is unique, and there is often no clear distinction between the different aspects as the services overlap and compliment each other. The best solution is to talk to us in the first instance to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Hardware Development

Using state-of-the-art design and layout tools, Hitex designs schematics which result in PCB layouts with: 

  • multi layer double sided PCBs
  • high-pin-count components (>1000 pin BGA)
  • small feature size, microvias, meander tracks
  • impedance matched routing
  • differential pair routing
  • high speed signal rates

We are equally comfortable creating designs from the humble USB evaluation stick right up to car ECUs and beyond.

FPGA Design

Programmable logic has many benefits to offer:

  • A means to evolve a design without the need for costly hardware changes
  • The ability to handle high-speed signals which software alone could not cope with
  • Efficiency of running at the most appropriate speed for the task
  • Efficiency of using only the resources necessary
  • Customisation to exact design needs.

At Hitex we can develop a FPGA/CPLD solution for you, written in VHDL as part of an overall project or stand-alone design.  Whether the FPGA is implementing a dedicated product feature or just consolidating other circuits; a cost-effective part can be used to differentiate your product from generic off-the-shelf systems.  With the advent of combined micro-processor and FPGA devices this opens the possibility of shrinking designs to the next level whilst keeping the performance and flexibility benefits of both.

Design Reviews

Many quality systems require an independent review as part of the development process. A truly independent review is not always possible due to time or resource constraints. 

Hitex can help by being an external resource for your team, providing a valuable "second pair of eyes". This could take the form of a schematic review for hardware or full MC/DC test of software. Once the review has been completed, a full report will be provided including recommendations.

Software Development

We are able to develop software at multiple levels, from the lowest level drivers targeting specific hardware through to integrating middleware, libraries, RTOS’s and software stacks. We can do this right up to user interface level, be that embedded on a small screen or targeted towards PCs such as in an industrial test or automation environment.

Our ISO 9001 quality system ensures a consistency and competency to all of the software we write and allows us to develop even the most demanding of software, for example in safety critical applications.

Access to software quality tools from our partners as well as our own tools, means that we practice what we preach and thoroughly unit-test the code we write at both module and system levels.

We have also undertaken a number of projects to help customers migrate to new microprocessors – either onto new architectures or new processor families.

Product Documentation

Software documentation allows a complex and ever-growing code base to be monitored, understood and kept under control. We can help you to have the correct and up-to-date documents in place to ensure that all your engineers understand the structure of your products. 

Our years of engineering experience results in us being able to look at your software, and either create the documentation from scratch or review and proof-read existing documents and make any necessary recommendations or changes. Equally, we are familiar with automatic code-documenting software such as Doxygen and can use this to good effect to quickly document your existing code-base.

We are also able to offer a translation service between English and German and can deliver the documents in whatever format you require – from the humble Word document to online wiki-based frameworks.

To find out more about how we can help please contact us on 024 7669 2066.

Test Services

Our engineering team - with high-level skills in all areas of testing and debugging of embedded systems - offers this service to you either on-site or remotely. We can provide full testing of your design and application, and compile test reports according to standards or agreed requirements.

We can help you select the right tools to complete the following:

  • Code review (manually) 
  • Code analysis 
  • Definition of test concept 
  • Perform unit tests 
  • Create unit test databases for regression tests
  • Automated system tests 
  • Debug service