How to get existing projects through IEC61508

The drive for improving the safety of embedded systems is now well advanced in the automotive world with the release of ISO26262. ISO26262 is essentially the automotive version of IEC61508, which allows the concept of an...

Downloading test data from the memory of the Softing PBT-4 PROFIBUS Tester 4

One of the useful features of the Softing BC-600-PB PROFIBUS Tester 4 is the ability to run tests in stand-alone mode, i.e. without connecting to a PC. Test data is stored in one of 10 on-board memories and can be downloaded to...

Migrating C166 designs to XE166 using the Tasking Classic Compiler: A Case Study

Recently we were contacted by a company who had been using the Infineon C167 processor for many years. They wanted to give their product a new lease of life and so were looking for options for a replacement processor.

Form Factors for ARM-based Modules

ARM® modules leading the way in the mass module market

The Changing Role of the Hardware Engineer

The advent of ever-increasing levels of integration has caused the role of the hardware engineer to split into two distinct roles - digital hardware systems integrator and "real hardware" designer.