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Keep your PROFIBUS running and benefit from this special PB-T5 offer

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For a limited time only, order the PB-T5 hand-held tester plus the station location and oscilloscope options and receive a 10.1" Windows tablet pre-loaded with PB-DIAG-Suite FREE for less than the standard selling price!

Softing Industrial sets new standards with the latest version of the PB-T5. The already high-performing PROFIBUS diagnostic device has been enhanced with two additional powerful analysis functions for the stand-alone mode (without requiring an additional PC): station location and hand-held oscilloscope function.  

To achieve the most comprehensive analysis of your PROFIBUS network, the PB-T5 is ideally used together with the PROFIBUS Diagnostics Suite software. Softing is now offering the chance to purchase the PB-T5 (with station location and oscilloscope add-ons) at a special package price until the end of 2016. 

Until the end of December 2016, you can purchase the PROFIBUS Tester 5 (PB-T5) complete with the hand-held oscilloscope option and a FREE Windows tablet pre-loaded with PB-DIAG-Suite v3.21 for less than a standard PB-T5!

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