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Hitex Development Tools Wins “Embedded Award 2011” for Innovative New SafeTkit System

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Hitex is proud to announce that it has been awarded the “Embedded Award 2011” for the SafeTkit in the “Software” category; this award was made at the recent Embedded World 2011 show in Nuremberg, Germany. The “Embedded Award” pays tribute to especially innovative products or developments for embedded technologies.

The Hitex SafeTkit comprises a hardware platform for development of safety-critical software, an evaluation version of the PRO-SIL SafeTcore software library and a full version of the Tasking VX Toolset for TriCore (locked to the hardware board).  The hardware uses an Infineon TriCore processor, together with the CIC61508 Safety Monitor device, which allows complete, self-contained safety-critical systems for IEC61508 and ISO26262 to be developed.

A video overview of the kit is available on here (courtesy of the EETimes):

To fulfil the high-level SIL safety requirements the SafeTcore test library includes the following features: gate-level testing for the TriCore to provide highly detailed testing of the silicon including CPU self-check, register content check, memory checks (RAM, flash, cache), bus diagnostics checks, algorithm results comparison, task sequence and execution time monitoring, MPU check. These core test features are combined with detailed peripheral tests and automatic support for the safety monitor chip. The set of software tests in the SafeTcore library enables a safe execution of code with diagnostic coverage of more than 99 per cent – an unprecedented level in the industry. The SafeTcore package includes a full User Manual for the integration of the various library elements into the user application and the approval of the safety integrity level.

To evaluate functional failures of a microcontroller often a second core is used. Infineon’s TriCore microcontroller already includes two cores – the TriCore itself (microcontroller and DSP) and the Peripheral Control Processor (PCP) – making the external second core for safety evaluation obsolete. Only for monitoring of resources which are used by both processing units like power or clock an external logic is needed, usually a safety watchdog.  By using the independent safety watchdog device CIC61508 from Infineon, all required CPU and peripheral self-test functions can be controlled.

Once the application has been developed, a full Safety Manual is available which provides all the documentation necessary to take a design to full IEC/ISO approval.

Prices and Availability

The SafeTcore test library and documentation for certification are currently available for the TC1767 and TC1797 processors and will shortly be available for members of the AUDO MAX family such as the TC1782. The new SafeTkit is based on a TriCore evaluation board with the safety monitor chip CIC61508. Besides the SafeTcore test library, the software package includes a complete tool chain including a free general-purpose TriCore compiler, a safety demonstration application and a test bench. A comprehensive set of documentation including user manuals and quick start guide complete the safety kit.  The SafeTkit will be available on the Hitex web shop for Euro 1,495 from here.

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