Driver Updates and Downloads

I/O Components:

I/O cardDescriptionRevisionDownload
PARAPCIW9x/Me/2000/XP driver for PARA PCI card18.12.2002PARAPCI.ZIP
DPHIF-2W9x/Me/2000/XP driver for HIF PC-card (PCMCIA)5.00.2183.1DPHIF2.ZIP
DPHIF-3W9x/Me/2000/XP driver for HIF PCI card18.12.2002DPHIF3.ZIP

USB Components:

DBOX16 W9x/Me/2000/XP USB driver for DBox16, all variants1.40USB-DBOX16.ZIP
TANTOW9x/Me/2000/XP USB driver for Tanto1.40USB-TANTO.ZIP
TANTINOW9x/Me/2000/XP USB driver for Tantino1.40USB-TANTINO.ZIP
USB2PARAW9x/Me/2000/XP USB driver for USB2PARA converter1.40USB2PARA.ZIP

Drivers for older I/O cards with ISA-Bus e.g. DPHIF-1, PARA or PARA+ are included in the software package you get with the emulator. These drivers are automatically installed when selecting the corresponding card during the software installation.