CIC61508 Support Page

This page contains the latest information and releases of the TARDISS and PRO-SIL TestBench tools for the CIC61508F and SAKCIC61508.

Please click the links to download the files.

TARDISS v3.0.4 TARDISS is the GUI for PRO-SIL XC2000 and PRO-SIL TriCore users. This release adds a HEX export function for the DFLASH calibration data. The resulting HEX file can be programmed into the CIC61508 DFLASH using the Infineon FLOAD tool. The TARDISS HEXfiles for the various SafeTkits are included in this file so you do not need to download the individual HEXfiles listed below. It will also fix reported problems with comport detection on some PCs. If you already have the TARDISS 2.9 version installed, please de-install it from your PC before installing the v3.0x.


PROSIL_TESTBENCH_v3.0.4 This is the TARDISS tailored to SafeTcore-Tricore users as it omits the task monitor and data compare displays. It is otherwise functionally identical and uses the same HEX driver files.

The password for the ZIP files containing the TARDISS is "hitexhitex".

TARDISS 2.8.3 manual, for XC2365A, TC1767, TC1782 and TC1387 SafeTkits.

TARDISS_TC1767 HEXfile (Program this into the TC1767 via MEMTOOL and the on-board USB) 

TARDISS_TC1387 HEXfile (Program this into the TC1387 via MEMTOOL and the on-board USB) 

TARDISS_TC1782 HEXfile (Program this into the TC1782 or TC1724 via MEMTOOL and the on-board USB) 

TARDISS_TC1798 HEXfile (Program this into the TC1798/1/3via MEMTOOL and the on-board USB)

TARDISS_XC2300 HEXfile (Program this into the XC2365A via MEMTOOL and the on-board USB) 


CIC61508 HEX Files

These should be programmed into the CIC61508F on the SafeTkit board using a miniWiggler and FLOAD v5.2. It is important that the following procedure is followed when programming the CIC61508F with new firmware. Failure to observe this sequence of operations will result in improper operation of the TARDISS.


CIC61508_V4.0 - For use with PRO-SIL TriCore


CIC61508_VANIA3.0 HEXfile  - For use with PRO-SIL XC2000

CIC61508 Programming Procedure

1. Make sure that the Tricore's USB socket is not connected to the PC.
 2. Connect the miniwiggler USB-JTAG interface to the CIC and the PC.
 3. Start FLOAD and connect. Enable the verify function
 5. Open the CIC61508 HEXfile and download it.
 6. Exit FLOAD
 7. Remove the miniwiggler from the CIC61508
 8. Reset the CIC with the reset button
 9. Connect the USB to the Tricore
 10. Start the TARDISS
 11. Click the “Autodetect” button to find the COM port of the target board.
 12. Click “Connect”
 13. Enable live updates