The Ten Coding Commandments

The Ten Coding Commandments for software writers

For those of you who write embedded software for real word products, then you will be well aware that the quality of the code you write can have quite severe implications once it is released into the marketplace. Products such as medical diagnostic equipment, power train solutions and avionics could endanger life if the software inside that product fails.

What is proposed here are the 'Ten Coding Commandments', which describe the ten steps you should take to ensure the reliability of the software you write. Whilst the theory has been derived for 'Embedded Applications' the 'Ten Coding Commandments' can be used as a reference for pretty much any application and programming language.

Measuring Software Quality on the Gilo scale

The scale of software reliability is difficult to measure, as there is not a scale currently in existence. For earthquakes we have a ‘Richter Scale’ which indicates to everyone in one number what the scale of the seismic activity is. Similarly for storms we have the ‘Beaufort Scale’, which in a number indicates wind strength and the issues it brings. For software however there is no number which we can put against it to reflect the design effort and testing effort that has gone into it. The Gilo scale is a quick way of measuring the software effort and is based on the Ten Coding Commandments.

Measuring software quality on the Gilo Scale

Methods to Reduce Software Problems

Each of the 'Ten Coding Commandment' describes in detail what you can do to improve the overall reliability of the software you are writing. To see the 'Ten Coding Commandments' please register and download the documents.

The idea behind the 'Ten Coding Commandments' is to quickly identify areas in which the company or designer is non compliant, such that he can take remedial action if required. At the end of the exercise the designer can score himself on the scale and try and identify the easiest ways to score more points, as the more points he has the more diligent he has been in the preparation of the software.

Video Presentation

A video presentation of the ‘Ten Coding Commandments’ is available to view on YouTube. Click here to view it.