Cypherbridge Systems

Cypherbridge Systems, a technology R&D firm based in Carlsbad, California, was established in 2005 to develop software, server, security, device, and system level products. They focus on providing embedded security solutions with an emphasis on speed, size, portability, features, and standards compliance.

The strength of Cypherbridge Systems is two-fold; it lies in both the ability to offer horizontal best-of-class software products, and in the deep experience their engineering team has implementing and integrating vertical line-of-business applications. This platform enables them to deliver optimal solutions in terms of features, functionality, and footprint, maximizing the cost-benefit for the end-user. Their comprehensive product portfolio makes Cypherbridge a one-stop-shop for all embedded security with a level of customer support and satisfaction second to none.

A wide network of industry partners ensure that they deliver a complete, integrated product. Their partners and customers range from venture funded startups to Fortune 10 global companies.  Cypherbridge’s SDKs are subjected to rigorous customer field testing. Their policy is to maintain customer confidentiality.

Privacy and security are must-have requirements in the growing smart grid and energy management market.  Consumers must be assured that their energy usage and profiles remain private, while grid operators rely on the integrity of the energy data managed home and industrial building for billing and operations.  

Cypherbridge Systems has secured design wins within energy management, which integrates their low footprint uSSL security SDK with central gateway controllers for global intelligent building control systems manufacturers.
The uSSL SDK is hosted on the gateway running in-building wireless and wired bus device load management, lighting control, climate control and energy profile reporting. The energy profile records are periodically reported to a cloud server through a uSSL secure channel.  

In a project like this, Cypherbridge will typically coordinate with other project suppliers and may assist the development of the embedded custom gateway applications.  The Cypherbridge solution includes a compact Javascript JSON protocol library for standards based interoperability with the Windows cloud server systems.
The integrated solution also hosts an embedded web browser used by the building operation supervisor from smart phone or tablet. CPU and memory resources are shared among multiple applications.  
To end users, the uSSL SDK compact footprint along with Cypherbridge’s industry experience to deliver the secure cloud reporting client and content server applications, are key decision points.