Infineon AURIX Training

Infineon AURIX™ Professional Training in the UK

Hitex UK and Microconsult will be running a series of hands-on AURIX training courses on the University Of Warwick Science Park in Coventry.

This is intended to equip engineers with the basic and essential knowledge to tackle AURIX projects.  It is particularly suitable for hardware/software architects, hardware/software driver developers, test engineers or just anybody who needs a better understanding of this powerful microcontroller. 

The AURIX is a complex multi-core device and professional training can save many hundreds of hours of project time.  Having a good grasp of the device's features makes the planning of device pin allocation and software architecture much more efficient and reduces the level of rework later in the development.

Training Objectives

Trainees attending the course will:  

  • Gain an understanding of the AURIX architecture
  • Configure and use basic on-chip peripherals and special device features
  • Use the multi-core architecture and safety extensions
  • Create low-level drivers for the AURIX and test with a debugger
  • Create and use interrupt and trap routines

Note: at the time of writing, to participate in this training a valid NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) is required.

Student Prerequisites

To get maximum benefit from the training, students will need to have the following:

  • Knowledge of ISO/ANSI-C
  • General experience of microprocessor/microcontroller systems 
  • DSP skills are an advantage

The hands-on elements are performed with an Infineon AURIX™ board. The following elements are covered: multi-core start-up, peripheral initialisation, interrupt controller, DMA controller.

Detailed Course Overview

The course will cover the following topics:

AURIX™ MulticoreCommunication Interfaces
 - CPU, pipelines, register sets, floating point unit - UART/LIN
 - DSP support - QSPI
 - Memory model, local and global memory units - I2C
 - On-chip bus systems: 64-bit XBAR, 32-bit system peripheral bus SPB - MSC
Ports (Pin definition and port functions) - Overview: MultiCAN
  - Overview: Ethernet
Protection System - Overview: FlexRay®
Multicore Interrupt Processing: Interrupt Router and TRAP SystemSensor Interfaces
  - Single Edge Nibble Transmission (SENT)
Direct Memory Access Controller DMA - Peripheral sensor interface PSI5
On-chip AURIX™ PeripheralsAnalogue-to-Digital Converter
  - Versatile analogue-digital converter VADC
Timer - Delta-sigma analogue-digital converter DSADC
 - System timer module STM 
 - Generic timer module GTMSafety-related issues
- Capture and compare unit CCU6 
 On-Chip Debug System OCDS
System Control Unit SCU 
 - Clock controlOverview: Emulation Device and Calibration
 - Resets 
 - Power management 
 - External request unit ERU 
 - Start-up process 
 - Watchdog timer WDT 

Course Logistics

Course materials provided:  

  • Training notes in printed form
  • Examples on an USB stick
  • Refreshments and lunches

(Please advise us of any special dietary requirements when booking.)

Date and venue


Unless otherwise stated, this course is held at our main UK office in our dedicated training facility:

Hitex (UK) Ltd.
University of Warwick Science Park, 
Millburn Hill Road, 
CV4 7HS.  

You can find a map of our location here.


5 days, running from 9:00-17:00 on day 1 and 8:30-17:00 on days 2, 3, 4 & 5.


The latest dates are still being finalised. If you would like to register your interest in this course, please contact us to find out more.

Cost and booking


£2695 + VAT per trainee 

Booking Arrangements: 

Please email your order to us or FAX it to us on 024 7669 2131.

Should you have any questions or would like to enquire for the latest dates, please contact Louise Taylor, Training Co-ordinator on 024 7669 2066.