For more than 35 years, MicroConsult has been a recommended partner for industrial hardware and software developers. MicroConsult contributes to your project success: 

  • in a competent, reliable and personal way
  • with Training, Coaching & Consulting services
  • for technologies, tools, methods, processes and teams

Know-how for every project phase, from specification to test:

  • Microcontrollers, processors: ARM, Infineon, Motorola, STMicroelectronics
  • Programming: Ass, C, C++, EC++; Java, .NET/C#, UML, Tcl/Tk, Perl, XML
  • Operating systems: RTOS, OSEK, Windows NT/XP/CE, Linux, embedded Linux
  • Requirements engineering, project management
  • Quality, safety, test 

TRAINING - Perfectly Equipped for all Challenges

MicroConsult Training provides the optimum knowledge basis for you to fulfill the requirements of your projects. Our training experts have extensive experience and make even complex subjects understandable based on practice-oriented methodology. MicroConsult Training is your perfect preparation to make efficient use of the right equipment afterwards.

COACHING & CONSULTING - Decisive Impulses at the Right Time

We're by your side in every phase of your project and support your development teams competently and efficiently. With proven methodology and a high degree of practical orientation, we are in a position to identify development risks at an early stage. Make your projects transparent, predictable and cost-efficient. Minimize development times and costs and protect your developments. Focus on successful, high-quality project work.