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UK AURIX services

AURIX™ devices are high-performance microcontrollers with up to three TriCore CPUs. The AURIX MCUs were developed to fulfill the requirements of the most demanding embedded control applications. 

Price, performance, predictable real-time behaviour, data bandwidth and power consumption are the key features. Furthermore, specialised peripherals, e.g. for timing and security, make the AURIX MCUs the first choice in many different application domains.

We are proud to be able to offer a unique set of services for the UK market bringing AURIX design capabilities onto British soil. Futhermore, as we are so centrally located within the UK, we really can assist either on-site or remotely as required. 

As part of the Infineon group and the Preferred Design Partner for the UK and Germany, Hitex can assist with driver creation and tool configuration. We have access to in-depth technical information and experience across a range of applications that allows us to implement drivers rapidly and to a range of quality levels to meet ISO26262 and IEC61508 requirements.

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AURIX - Hitex in at the start

Although the Infineon AURIX™ family of multicore safety microcontrollers are only now just starting to be adopted outside of the major automotive manufacturers, Hitex has been working closely with it since July 2010, before real silicon devices existed.

This was through a collaboration with Infineon Technologies to develop the first operational version of the AURIX™ architecture built on a Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA and capable of running two CPU cores; named Meridian this development hardware was used extensively by Infineon and leading automotive suppliers.

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Infineon Preferred Design House (PDH)

In order to benefit from the exceptional characteristics of the AURIX MCUs in your product, you can rely on a close-meshed AURIX support network. 

Here at Hitex are proud to be part of this network as the only UK AURIX Preferred Design House! This means you can approach us concerning all the small and maybe bigger challenges that might arise during your AURIX project. We can assist with engineering services, tools and also production services.

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