ShieldBuddy TC275 - Infinite possibilities for embedded applications

The ShieldBuddy TC275 is currently the world’s smallest AURIX development board. It is fitted with the Infineon TC275 32-bit multicore processor on a board following the Arduino™ standard making it compatible with many of the application shields that are available. 

Evaluation licenses for a complete set of development tools are available which makes this kit ideal for getting started on a high end real time embedded industrial or automotive application as well as for students and hobbyists.

Some of the features of this board are:

  • Very low cost AURIX TC275 board for professional and hobby use
  • Uses Arduino™ Due/Mega2560 form factor and IO connector pin allocation
  • Safety option with on-board CIC61508 safety monitor for use with SafeTlib for high integrity applications
  • Allows instant access for new and prospective AURIX users to over 317 shields
  • Supplied with basic drivers for DS-ADC, SAR, GTM, GPT, CCU6, ASC, LIN, SPI, QSPI, Ethernet
  • Direct USB debug interface
  • Development tools based on HighTec Free Aurix Toolchain and Arduino Processing IDE
  • USB or 9-12V power supply

    Purchasing the world's smallest AURIX development board

    This product is now available to purchase via our webshop.

    Should you be interested in purchasing in volume, then please do contact us on 024 7669 2066.