Hitex: The Infineon AURIX preferred design house

AURIX UK preferred design house

Hitex have been officially named as Infineon's Preferred Design House for AURIX™.

The Infineon AURIX™ devices are high-performance microcontrollers with up to three TriCore CPUs and were developed to fulfil the requirements of the most demanding embedded control applications. 

Price, performance, predictable real-time behaviour, data bandwidth and power consumption are the key features in this area. Added to this, they also offer specialised peripherals for requirements such as timing and security. This makes the AURIX MCUs the first choice in many different application domains.

In order to gain the maximum benefit from these unique characteristics of the AURIX MCUs in your product, you can rely on a close-knit AURIX support network, and the heart of which is Hitex as the Preferred Design House. 

This ensures that we will be able to assist you with all your AURIX challenges - from small niggles right up to major project-critical issues.

This eco-system of specialised experts can offer services which include engineering, tools and production.

No matter what AURIX engineering problem you might have, our AURIX experts can ensure your project stays on track through key areas of competence which include development services, board bring-up, safety consultancy, training and on-going support.


Hitex AURIX engineering services include:

  • Software development (low level driver, complex device driver, GUI, applications)
  • Unit tests
  • Hardware development (high-speed PCB design, FPGA design)
  • Development documentation according to safety standard
  • Support in the UK, Central Europe, BENELUX & Scandinavia for: 
    • AURIX architecture
    • Tools for AURIX
    • AURIX hands-on training
    • System concept and design (hardware, software)
    • Board bring-up service
    • Functional safety
      • Safety standards (IEC 61508, ISO 26262, …)
      • Safety concept
      • Certification requirements
      • Process consulting (according to standards)
      • Product review
      • Preparation for safety certification 
    • Trouble shooting and optimisation (performance, energy consumption)
    • Microcontroller architecture migration service (porting software to new hardware or RTOS)
    • Middleware (SAFERTOS, safety libraries, AUTOSAR MCAL drivers)
    • Security 


No real-world project will ever move forwards without the appropriate tools. We are able to offer all the tools (and advice) you need for your AURIX project:

  • Development Tools (compiler, debugger)
  • Test tools
  • Safety libraries; MCAL drivers
  • Evaluation boards and adapters
  • Low level drivers 
  • Middleware  


To complete our AURIX expertise and services we are also able to offer a full production service covering prototyping, finished products and logistics:

  • Production of prototypes and series production
  • Fulfilment (system assembly, logistics, export control)
  • CE Certification with EMV tests

Contact us

In order to discuss your project or other needs in more detail, please get in touch with us on 024 7669 2066 or email us and one of our experts will get back in touch as soon as possible.