AURIX SafeTlib 1-day Training Course

Hitex UK have launched a new 1-day training course focussed on AURIX™ SafeTlib. The course explores the overall structure of SafeTlib and goes on to look at this in more detail. It also explores how to integrate with other tools such as the Tasking compiler, the TRESOS configuration tool and the signature generation tool.

This course would be of interest to software engineers involved in safety critical applications related to ISO26262.


  • SafeTlib Overview
    • Introduction
    • Architecture
    • Directory structure
    • Tasking Eclipse integration

  • Tresos Configuration Tool
    • Overview
    • Usage example

  • Signature Tool
    • Concept
    • Usage example

  • Safety Management Unit (SMU)
    • SMU overview
    • Alarm configuration example
    • Recovery timer configuration example
    • FSP overview
    • SMU configuration in Tresos

  • SafeTlib configuration and Usage
    • Configuring tests in Tresos for various test phases
    • SafeTlib/RefApp control flow
    • Startup tests handling
    • Scheduling cyclic tests via Test Manager
    • Scheduling watchdog servicing via Watchdog Manager

  • CIC61508 Safety Monitor
    • Configuration and Use
    • Demonstration with SafeTlib

  • TLF35584 Safety Monitor
    • Configuration and Use
    • Demonstration with SafeTlib

Date and venue

SafeTlib Overview Diagram


Unless otherwise stated, this course is held at our main UK office in our dedicated training facility:

Hitex (UK) Ltd.
University of Warwick Science Park, 
Millburn Hill Road, 
CV4 7HS.  

You can find a map of our location here.


1 day; running from 9:00-17:00.


19th April 2016
7th July 2016
6th October 2016

Cost and booking



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