DAC Development Assistant for C

DAC Development Assistant for C

Analyze your software with DAC

Developed by RistanCASE, Development Assistant for C (DAC) is an integrated development environment (IDE) which supports the development and maintenance of embedded software written in the C and assembler language.It is used to develop, review, eliminate bugs, document and maintain C projects.


Because DAC supports the development and maintenance of software as a whole, DAC is a tool which works above the basic software project. The overall project is not just a simple set of source code modules making up the source code, but includes a lot of other important information as well such as documents, make-files, shortcuts for starting build and many others. DAC therefore provides management of these other items as well as the source code.

DAC automatic Flow chart Generation from C source code

DAC allows the user to browse through the project files, check and then edit them. It can display your C program in a structured view or in Flow Chart form.

DAC can produce software metrics on code complexity

The flow charts are generated automatically from the source code. From within DAC, you can see Call-Hierarchy, Data Flow Graphs, Type-Hierarchy Graphs, as well as the key Software Metrics.

DAC type hierarchy graph

The tool provides code structure highlighting to help with the readability of the code. The tool also provides a Documentation Generator to help with the preparation of documentation required to review and accompany the source code. This is crucial for validation and verification of the code prior to unit testing and functional testing.


Built into DAC is also a static analyser, which can examine the source code and provide useful feedback on the code construction. This includes Symbol Name Checking and Analysis for Symbols.

DAC can analyse symbols

There is a MISRA rule checking facility (both MISRA 1998 and 2004 are supported), which allows the software to be examined to these coding guidelines, and ensuring compliance.

DAC can also analyse in accordance with the MISRA coding guidelines

DAC lets you easily navigate in your code to find definitions and declarations of variables, as well as caller/callee-pairs.

DAC pays special attention to the fact that software development takes place with the help of various tools - compilers, assemblers, linkers, but also version control systems, debuggers and other development environments.

DAC supports a wide range of compilers and assemblers of well-known manufacturers. Via its plug-in system, DAC supports a number of debuggers, Version Control Systems, as well as project-importers with the help of which it is easy to move from another environment to DAC or work on a parallel with it. DAC supports more than 90 dialects of C compilers for embedded applications.

PC Requirements


DAC is a 32-bit application that runs under Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7, and requires approximately 45 MB of space on your hard disk. A PC computer based on Intel Pentium compatible processor allows you to work quite comfortably. However, a PC based on a Pentium IV or better Intel compatible processor is recommended in case of large projects. To use the Documentation Generator you need Microsoft Word for Windows installed.