Have you joined up the dots on your industrial network yet?

With the IIoT and Industry 4.0 becoming ever more important, we can also enable you to connect your factory not only to itself, but also to other sites and offices across your organisation. We have products that can help you...

World record: Infineon chip solves Rubik's Cube in 637 milliseconds

The Rubik’s Cube was solved in just 637 thousandths of a second. At the “electronica” trade fair, the machine “Sub1 Reloaded” pulled off the feat with the help of microchips from Infineon.

Keep your PROFIBUS running and benefit from this special PB-T5 offer

For a limited time only, order the PB-T5 hand-held tester plus the station location and oscilloscope options and receive a 10.1" Windows tablet pre-loaded with PB-DIAG-Suite FREE for less than the standard selling price!

An introduction to TESSY and unit testing

This 1-day seminar will introduce the basics of software testing to the while focussing on unit, module and integration testing.

Network Diagnostics Roadshow

A 1-day seminar exploring best practices for diagnosing and solving faults on industrial networks