IO-Link Eval Kit

IO-Link is a standardised communication system to connect intelligent sensors/actors to an industrial automation system (SPS). The standardisation includes the electrical connectivity as well as a well-defined digital communication protocol which is provided to be able for sensors/actors to exchange data with the automation system.

An IO-Link system consists of an IO-Link master and one or more IO-Link devices (sensors or actors).
The IO-Link master provides the interface to the SPS and controls the communication between connected IO-Link devices.

A master can provide one or more IO-Link ports. Each IO-Link port can be connected to an IO-Link device.

A IO device is an intelligent sensor or actor. Intelligent in terms of IO-Link means that a device has a serial number or a set of parameters such as sensitivity, switching delay or characteristic diagrams which can be requested or provided via the IO-Link protocol.
Modifications of device parameters can be done also in real-time while SPS is active.
Parameters of sensors and actors are device-specific. Parameters of each device are specified in the IO device description (IODD).
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In close cooperation with highly experienced partners providing products in the field of IO-Link, Hitex has developed an IO-Link Evaluation Kit for Infineon to easily demonstrate the functionality of a complete IO-Link-based Master-Device combination. 

» Get more information about the IO-Link Evaluation Kit on the Infineon website.

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