JTAG Debug Tools for Infineon XE166 and XC2000

Universal Debug Engine for Infineon Microcontrollers

Hitex supports the following Infineon microcontrollers with tools from PLS:

  • XE166
  • XC2000
  • XC166

UDE - Universal Debug Engine - is a state-of-the-art development workbench for application development. Its functionality can be extended with a Universal Access Device (available in 3 versions): UAD2pro, UAD2+ and UAD3+.

With UDE you can organise your projects. It supports you while building applications and you can run and test your software in a convenient and cost-efficient way. 

UDE stands quintessentially for new debugger architecture and tool concept based on a customisable set of standard components and core specific add-ons.

It offers a collection of tools including source file management, project building and powerful HLL debugger with various high-speed communication paths to the customer's hardware target system with target monitor. All components work together in an optimised manner. 

UDE as a part of the package is a powerful HLL debugger and emulator to test microcontroller applications created in C/C++ language and/or Assembly. Together with the Universal Access Device, the communication add-on of UDE and the possible used target monitor it offers realtime execution between breakpoints on the customer's target system.

The profit is on you when using the Integrated Development Environment with integrated tools. There is just one Graphical User Interface for Development, Debugging and Emulation. Multiple high-speed interfaces allow a very flexible target system access.

The Universal Debug Engine is an open platform offering different interfaces to other tools. 


TantinoXC-MCDS supports the new Infineon microcontroller architecture XC2000/XE16x. With this architecture a so called Emulation Device (ED) with integrated MCDS (Multi-Core Debug Solution) is available which provides extended debugging features like:

  • Realtime execution and data trace
  • Complex filter definitions to control the trace recording
  • Complex trigger definitions to control program execution


Our classical JTAG Debugger for the XC166, XE166 and XC2000 families from Infineon. TantinoXC is USB-powered and supports all OCDS features.