RiskCAT supports the IEC 61508 standard. This standard covers a wide range of measures that can be applied in the development of safety-critical systems. The degree of obligation of each measure varies with the Safety Critical Level (SIL) the system is supposed to achieve. The SIL to be achieved depends on the risk the system bears, i.e. the probability and the consequences of a system failure.


  • Assists you in determining the risk of the system according to IEC 61508
  • Automatically derives the Safety Integrity Level (SIL) of the system according to IEC 61508
  • Indicates the degree of obligation (recommended, mandatory, ...) for each measure
  • Enables the user to select the measures that shall be applied
  • Measures can be selected according to their relation to certain documents, activities, or key words
  • Allows on-line access to the exact wording of the measures or the definition of terms in the standard
  • Documents all decisions for review
  • Generates checklists for the selected measures
  • Store / Reload enables you to start work with user-defined preselections of measures (e.g. company-wide guidelines)
  • Provides an interface to requirement management tools

New: RiskCAT for IEC 61508 second edition (April 2010)

RiskCAT 61508 is available in English (IEC 61508) and German (DIN EN 61508). RiskCAT 61508 Normal incorporates the standard’s text part 1 to 4 and 7; RiskCAT 61508 Basic incorporates only part 1 to 3.

RiskCAT is also available for DIN EN 50129 (only in German) and DIN EN 50128 (in English and German), incorporates parts of DIN EN 50126.

Using RiskCAT will make your live easy when you need to cope with IEC 61508!