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Software for embedded systems – using the right components to increase productivity

Hitex is an embedded software partner/consultant that helps your development team significantly improve their productivity while at the same time shortening development times. Liability risks resulting from software errors are also minimised.

As an independent expert in embedded technologies, we select products that provide you a solid foundation you can rely on – tools that are tried and tested in development departments around the world and are ideal for optimising development processes.

New requirements for embedded development software 

Today's development software for embedded systems faces new challenges, as they form the foundation for virtually all aspects of product development. Today and in the future, embedded development software must be able to combine an ever-increasing number of different systems. This diversity and complexity makes it more important than ever to select the right components in order to ensure seamless interaction. This is where Hitex step in with the perfect solution for your requirements. We have microcontroller expertise covering the complete development process and for the entire spectrum of tools, allowing us to offer you best-of-breed alongside real-world experience.

Development Tools

Embedded development tools are the fundament to all microcontroller development work. With the right set of tools the developer can work efficiently and keep his schedule. The constant growth of requirements along with shortened time-to-market of embedded projects makes the proper toolset an essential success factor. To offer the best development environment for your project, Hitex works closely together with leading development tools manufacturers.


Working with standards

Today’s development teams are challenged by the need to conform to a variety of standards. Stemming from the need to increase the functional safety of applications a variety of standards have been defined and need to be taken into consideration in development projects. Our experts are on hand to assist you with achieving certification across numerous standards.


Unit testing & test case specification (TESSY)

TESSY performs automated dynamic module/unit and integration testing of embedded software and determines the code coverage along the way. This kind of test is required for certifications according to standards such as DO-178B, IEC 61508 or ISO 26262.


Static code analysis

In the last few years, software code quality and security has become increasingly important. Static code analysis is about analysing source code without executing the code to find potential bugs, vulnerabilities and security threats.


Self-test libraries

Purchasing ready-made modules can deliver results quicker than if you had done the programming in-house, but does come with a cautionary note. Any gains that are made can be lost if they are not correctly implemented. In addition to the tools themselves, we also offer peace of mind by offering competent advice for the entire solution. The licensing originates from the manufacturer and is fully documented.


RTOS software

Hitex offers a portfolio of professional real-time operating systems (RTOSs) for all embedded applications. We help you find and implement the best solution for your application situation.


Bluetooth™ software

Hitex offers innovative Bluetooth software to enable simpler, faster implementation of wireless communications in embedded systems. Ideal for applications such as low-energy, debugging etc.


TCP/IP software

The communications functionality of many embedded systems in the age of “the Internet of Things” is made possible by TCP/IP software stacks. We have over 30 providers in our portfolio and offer good security options as well.


USB software

USB transactions are implemented in the respective hardware systems with the help of USB software tools. Challenging aspects such as speed, low-power modes, or security play a role here as well. In the case of devices such as USB hotplates, safety is also an issue. We provide USB stacks for any application (USB host, USB device and USB OTG).



The Hitex portfolio includes a series of highly efficient, resource-saving bootloaders that allow you to start your application securely and dependably. Additionally, wherever security is important, we offer a supplemental encryption module for secure data transfer.


Embedded flash file systems

Hitex offers a large portfolio of file systems ranging from high-performance FAT systems to dependable, failsafe file systems. The systems are optimized for various storage technologies and support all commercially available system modules.


Flash translation layers

Flash Translation Layers provide a balanced use of flash memory cells to ensure maximum service life of the storage media. A sophisticated error management system identifies and then deals with defective cells. When combined with the right file system, the product is a long-lasting, high-performance storage system.


CANopen implementation

If your application supports the CANopen protocol, Hitex offers you CANopen stacks that have been tried and tested in many applications.


Embedded security

Integrating embedded security into a new product is a hard nut to crack for any developer at first. These programs should not be written independently. Tried and tested software components should be used instead. Our components and our support with the implementation help your highly secure application up and running, quickly.


MCAL and complex drivers

Hitex provides MCAL (Microcontroller Abstraction Layer) drivers for full-fledged AUTOSAR projects as well as industrial projects with special requirements.


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