Building a safe and secure embedded world

Unscrambling the Rubik's cube

The record-breaking Hitex ShieldBuddy for AURIX

Safety critical applications?

We support medical engineering!

Always in the picture with your production status

Access PLC data in real time

For many years, Hitex has been a leading supplier of innovative and reliable tools for embedded engineers. In addition, Hitex supports customers on a consulting basis in all phases of their development projects, from concept to system realisation.

We work closely with leading semiconductor and compiler manufacturers in order to support all the latest product and software releases, as well as industry standards.

Embedded services with engineering expertise built in

The portfolio comprises optimised packages for all budget needs, from tools and services through to industrial automation and professional consulting. Whether selecting a new microcontroller, training, contract engineering, industrial networking solutions or production services, Hitex is both an expert consultant and business partner combined.


Embedded hardware for system development and optimisation

Innovative tools plus new design and development ideas can greatly shorten development times and costs, while at the same time improving the quality of the developed solution. We're embedded experts in all things microcontroller-related, making us the perfect partner especially when it comes to the interaction between hardware and software.


Flexible, cost-effective and high-performance embedded software

As an independent expert in embedded technologies, we select products that provide you a solid foundation you can rely on – tools that are tried and tested in development departments around the world and are ideal for optimising development processes.


Professional training courses, workshops and webinars

From industrial network diagnostics to safety and testing, our vast range of expertise allows us to support not only your development needs but also our product lines with a range of courses and hands-on workshops throughout the year, designed to give your team the best possible skills and knowledge.


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