PCB Design

PCB Board Design

Following on from circuit design and schematic capture, Hitex offers a comprehensive PCB layout service, to realise the concept.  Designing to meet requirements of dimension, cost and availability, consideration for manufacturability and testability are present throughout. Resulting in the delivery of a complete set of design data in industry standard formats (e.g. Gerber, ODB, etc.) ready for the production of prototype boards.

Manufacture may be managed by Hitex through our partner CEMs or directly with your own manufacturing facilities or partners.

  • Bespoke design services utilising modern microcontrollers
  • Layout using state-of-the-art design tools (ECAD)
  • Experience up 16 layers.
  • High pin-count components (>1000 pin BGA)
  • Fine pitch devices
  • Blind & buried vias
  • High speed design with impedance and length matching
  • Differential pairs
  • Analogue & digital circuits
  • Best practices for EMC compliance
Board Design

Our Capabilities

  • Board design up to 16 layers
  • Fitting the PCB to complex enclosures
  • Leverage our in house expertise with Arm and & AURIX MCUs

Hitex designed us a great PCB that met all our requirements for a particularly difficult space envelope. They were friendly and knowledgeable and easier to work with than some of our internal teams and processes.