Multiprotocol Gateway to Connect to
Databases, Management Systems & IoT

Multiprotocol Gateway for Connecting Ethernet Controllers to Databases, Management Systems and IoT Solutions

Industrial Multi-Protocol Gateway Targeted to OT and IT Level Connectivity

echocollect e offers as an industrial multi-protocol gateway a modern solution for further processing of process data. The addition “e” in the product name stands for Ethernet since the gateway only supports the connection to PLCs via TCP/IP protocols. echocollect e supports local data logging and enables a bidirectional real-time connection between controllers and databases, direct OPC UA integration and cloud connection via the MQTT interface.

The advantage of the NetCon configuration software is the high degree of customisation options at the protocol level.

As basic functionality, five PLC connections and MySQL as database drivers are available. Extension licences are available for the use of MQTT, OPC UA, data logging on SD card (including Store&Forward), the support of 15 PLC connections and further databases such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL.

echocollect e


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