Schematic Design

Based on a detailed set of requirements which may be developed in collaboration with our customers, Hitex offers full circuit design and schematic capture services.  Developing solutions to meet the functional requirements with consideration for non-functional requirements such as power consumption, cost and component availability and life-cycle requires a delicate balance and experienced engineers.

Hitex have a broad wealth of experience in modern microcontrollers in particular with Arm Cortex-M cores and Infineon AURIX multicore devices.

  • Modern microcontrollers
  • Carrier boards for our System-on-Modules (SOM) and Single Board Computers (SBC)
  • Pin & resource allocation
  • Analogue & Digital
  • Wireless communications
  • Digital communications buses (SPI, I2C, LIN, CAN, SDMMC, Ethernet etc.)
  • Power supplies
  • Display interfaces
  • …And much more

During the silicon crisis, the team at Hitex were able to suggest suitable replacement devices that were in stock. They were then able to get us back in production. Their expertise was a life line.