Universal Access Device2next

  • Proven target adapter solution already used for UAD2pro and UAD3+ offers fastest and reliable target access for state-of-the art debug interfaces DAP, SWD, JTAG, cJTAG, LPD.
  • Ready for upcoming debug interfaces without replacing the base UAD2next device.
  • High-speed debug access with up to 160 MHz shift clock and 1.65 – 5.5 Volts I/O voltage.
  • Galvanic isolated target adapters (RF coupler technology with 1,000 VRMS isolation) available.
  • Longer distances between UAD2next and target system. Up to 0.5 m possible, 2.0 m on request.
  • Connectors for ASC and CAN/CAN FD*) with galvanic signal isolation up to 1,000 VRMS.
  • Support for DXCPL (DAP over CAN Physical Layer).