Software for Exporting SIMATIC S7
Symbols from TIA Portal or STEP7

dataFEED Exporter

Simple import of symbols from TIA/STEP7 projects from S7-300/400/1200/1500 controllers for use in Softing products with Siemens S7 connection

Exporter software for free enables simple export of symbol information from Siemens STEP 7 and TIA Portal projects for further use in Softing‘s dataFEED OPC Suite, uaGate SI/840D, edgeGate, edgeConnector Siemens/840D and echocollect e/r/m products.

After importing the project file into Exporter, the program shows all data blocks and symbols in a hierarchical order. After finishing the editing and the removal of unnecessary data items, the symbol information is exported in an encrypted SDFI file, which can then be loaded into the Softing products mentioned above.

To export data items from a TIA Portal project, the Exporter must be run on the same PC as an existing TIA installation. During installation, parallel installations of different TIA Portal versions are detected.

Export of SIMATIC S7 Symbols from TIA Portal or STEP7 Projects


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