Ethernet/IP to PROFIBUS
PA Master Gateway

Ethernet/IP to PROFIBUS PA Master Gateway

Integration of PROFINET I/O Devices through mapping into Ethernet IP Control systems

The epGate PN implements a gateway between an EtherNet/IP scanner (e.g. a Rockwell PLC) and up to 32 PROFINET devices. While the gateway's upper RJ45 socket connects to the EtherNet/IP network as a so-called Adaptar (slave), the gateway acts as a PROFINET controller (master) through its lower RJ45 socket. This allows PROFINET devices and subsystems to integrate into EtherNet/IP applications. The Communication Configuration Tool that comes with epGate PN assists in defining the PROFINET configuration and provides ready-to-use symbolic mapping information for the EtheNet/IP PLC's engineering software. This way you can avoid the error-prone task of individually defining data for both sides of the gateway.

epGate PA


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