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Unit Testing for Software Development Projects

Unit testing focuses on testing individual units or components of code, typically at the function level. These tests verify the behaviour of specific units to ensure they function correctly and produce the expected outputs for given inputs. Developers can detect defects early by writing and running unit tests, validating code changes, and facilitating code refactoring.

Enhance your software quality

Enhance your software quality

Our Unit Testing Services ensure secure development with qualified service up to SIL4 and ASIL-D. Benefit from our flexible and scalable test scope that gives you complete control and all documentation required for certification. We also provide complete test databases for any subsequent regression testing and support during an audit.

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Hitex Unit Test Services are the answer to your challenge

The complexity of embedded software is creating new challenges for some engineering departments. Standards such as ISO 26262, IEC 61508, DO-178 require the determination of metrics such as Statement Coverage, Branch Coverage and MC/DC (Modified Condition/Decision Coverage). The determination of these metrics is part of the dynamic module and unit tests of our testing services.

Depending on the source code and its complexity, dynamic tests are very time-consuming, but a necessity on the way to certification. Hitex supports you in performing these tests professionally and safely.

The unit tests can be conducted in three ways:

1. During the development process: As part of an integrated development testing process, the units are tested and evaluated in accordance with your specifications. Testing time can be significantly reduced through design. The results are used in the development process and tested by us.

2. After Software Development: You have already developed the software and provide us with the code to analyse.  

3. Custom testing: You decide what you want to do yourself or with existing external vendors, and we take care of the rest. To ensure successful teamwork, we can provide a secure infrastructure for tracking systems, repositories, and data exchange.

We can offer different levels of Unit Testing

Unit Test STD

In the Unit Test Standard (STD) the specifications are handed over. Errors in the specification or execution found during customer reviews are corrected by us.

Unit Test QM

This is the test service according to the quality management (QM) standard without the additional costs under SIL or ASIL requirements.

Unit Test SAFE

You get the complete service for development under SIL or ASIL. Trained testers perform tests according to IEC 61508 and ISO 26262.

Test packages for Unit Test Services

You can try out our services, before committing to a large project:

Trial package

Our trial package offers the analysis of 100 lines of code, evaluations and reporting.

Pilot project

You want up to 500 lines of code checked? No problem, our pilot project is just right for you.