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sysWORXX USB CANmodule8

Convenient solution for transmission of CAN-bus messages in distributed systems

Reliable communication at high bus load and precise time stamps for the received CAN messages

Based on the successful design of the USB CANmodul, the USB-CANmodul8 is an extended USB CAN interface which bundles 8 CAN channels in one device. As a reliable and robust USB adapter, it is suitable for connecting CAN networks to Windows and Linux devices like PCs, laptops and embedded controllers. Due to the transparent tunnelling of CAN messages, the module can be used with CAN-based high-layer protocols like CANopen, SDS, DeviceNet or J1939.

A high-performance 32-bit CPU core with an integrated message buffer enables reliable communication even at high bus loads and provides precise time stamps for the received CAN messages.

The PC driver allows easy plug-and-play installation and supports simultaneous operation of up to 64 CAN channels on one host. Via virtual networks, the driver enables simultaneous use of the USB CAN module by different applications.

Thanks to its attractive price/performance ratio and its reliable compact design, the USB CAN module is ideally suited for CAN bus-based developments, service and maintenance tasks in CAN bus systems, as well as for use in series products. The included CAN monitoring software completes the package.

The USB CAN module complies with the EMC Directive 2014/30/EU.

sysWORXX USB CANmodule8


USB-CANmodul - User Manual