Connection of IoT Hubs from
With Siemens and Modbus PLCs

Connection of IoT Hubs from Different Vendors With Siemens and Modbus PLCs

Access PLC, CNC, and OPC UA Data via MQTT and OPC UA for higher-level management applications

edgeGate makes data integration easier than ever before. The gateway supports the connection of PLC & CNC Controllers from and uses the OPC UA standard for a simple and secure data integration of new and existing plants in higher-level management systems, such as ERP, MES, or SCADA systems.

In addition, edgeGate also offers MQTT Publisher functionality, enabling direct integration of Machine data into private or public IoT cloud applications on the IT side. The generic MQTT implementation supports the use of many different cloud providers. Like the OPC UA standard, MQTT also supports various security mechanisms such as encrypted connections, certificates, and user authentication, thus contributing to a high level of data security.

Moreover, the functionality of edgeGate can be extended with the complete portfolio of our edgeConnectors and edgeAggregator solutions.

With this functionality, edgeGate is a compact, secure, future-oriented, and proven gateway for data integration.



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