Introducing the new Keil MDK6

Transform Your Embedded Development with Keil MDK-6

Unlock the full potential of embedded systems with Keil MDK-6, the leading software suite designed for Arm Cortex-M processors. Whether you're innovating in IoT or developing edge machine learning technologies, MDK-6 provides the tools you need to bring your visions to life quickly and efficiently.

Why Choose MDK-6?

  • Extensive Device Support: Compatible with over 10,000 microcontrollers from 38 top silicon vendors, simplifying your development process.
  • Advanced ML and DSP Handling: Optimized for the latest Cortex-M55 and M85, ensuring your applications run at peak performance.
  • Comprehensive Development Tools: From Keil Studio Desktop to CMSIS-Packs, everything you need is at your fingertips, reducing setup time and letting you focus on innovation.
  • Safety Certified: The professional version of MDK-6 includes the safety certified Arm Compiler for embedded and the FuSa Run-time system of pre certified components.
  • Virtual and Physical Testing: Leverage Arm Virtual Hardware for simulation and seamless CI/CD integration, enhancing your team's productivity with software first design.

MDK-6 Editions

MDK-6 is available in three editions, Community, Essential and Professional. The Community edition is available free of charge for non-commercial work. Please contact Hitex for the Essential and Professional versions pricing information.

All Cortex-M Cores

Cloud + Desktop


Arm Compiler for Embedded

Arm Virtual Hardware FVP

FuSa Compiler + Libraries
FuSa Run-time System
uVision IDE
Use CaseNon CommercialCommercialCommercial
Support offeredCommunity


MDK-6 in detail

More than just a toolchain, MDK-6 is a cohesive set of software components designed to meet the challenges of modern embedded systems development.

MDK-6 in detail

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