ULINK Family

Keil ULINK series

The Keil ULINK series of debug and trace adapters links the host computer to your target system via USB. ULINK utilizes on-chip debug interfaces for application debugging and flash programming. Within the ULINK family, you will find support for traditional functions such as simple and complex breakpoints, watch windows, and execution control. By utilizing the Serial Wire Output (SWO), you can access additional trace features like the system analyzer. The ULINKpro connects to ETM trace connectors and employs streaming trace technology to capture the complete instruction trace for code coverage and execution profiling. Moreover, ULINKplus provides power measurement for energy optimization and I/Os for test automation.

Keil ULINK series

Full Debug Capabilities

Run/stop debug features include program download to flash memory, examination of memory and registers, single step debugging using multiple breakpoints, serial wire trace, and running applications in real-time on the target hardware .

Streaming Trace

The unique streaming trace capabilities deliver sophisticated analysis features such as code coverage information and performance analysis to identify program bottlenecks, optimise your application, and to isolate problems.

Fast Connections

ULINK debug adaptors support up to 100 Mbit/s data and event trace, up to 800 Mbit/s instruction trace, and a JTAG clock speed of up to 50 MHz on Arm Cortex-M based devices. High-speed memory reads/writes support up to 1 Mbit/s.






Debug & Trace     
    Serial Wire Debug (SWD) 
    Data Trace (ITM) 
    Data & Event Trace (SWO) 100 Mbit/s 100 Mbit/s 50 Mbit/s1 Mbit/s
    Instruction Trace (ETM) 800 Mbit/s   
 Supported Devices     
    Arm Cortex-M series 
Energy measurement & Test I/O   
Electric isolation (1 kV) optionaloptionalintegrated 
I/O Voltage Range 1.2 V -3.3 V1.2 V -3.3 V1.2 V-5.5 V2.7 V-5.5 V
Target Connector    
    10-pin (0.05”), 20-pin (0.10”) 
     20-pin (0.05”)   
Connects to     
    Keil MDK 
    Keil PK51, PK166    
    Arm DS-5