High-performance debug and trace capability, ideal for fast downloads and adaptive JTAG clock rates. DSTREAM-PT has the performance, adaptability-to-target, and broad Arm architecture support required for rapid development.


Features and Benefits

Broad Arm Architecture Support

Debug and trace designs are based on any Arm architectures. Whether it's legacy or the very latest, DSTREAM-ST has it covered.

Built for Arm Tools

DSTREAM and Arm Development Studio were made for each other. Access powerful Development Studio features, like the ability to auto-detect SoC components.

Faster Debug

Finish debugging sooner by leveraging patented technology for super-fast downloads and JTAG clock rates to step through code faster.

DSTREAM-PT Debug Probe

DSTREAM-PT Debug Probe

Optimise software running on Arm processor-based targets with up to 32-bit wide CoreSight-compliant parallel trace

DSTREAM-ST Debug Probe

DSTREAM-ST Debug Probe

Optimise software running on Arm processor-based targets with this debug and trace hardware unit

DSTREAM-XT Debug Probe

DSTREAM-XT Debug Probe

Optimise software running on Arm processor-based targets, with connection over native PCIe interfaces enabling up to 64Gbps of trace bandwidth

More Features


Device Bring-up

Develop and debug SoCs and test hardware prior to transferring the optimised software to production hardware.

Firmware Development

Develop and debug firmware such as low-level device drivers that are specifically optimised for different production boards.

OS Level Design

Develop and optimise higher-level code, such as the real-time operating system and applications, so they run within specified parameters.

Instruction Trace Analysis

Fast, deep local trace storage enables use of ETM and PTM to help review execution path for bugs or function-level profiling in Arm Development Studio.