Keil Microcontroller Development Kit v6

Keil MDK Version 6

The Keil Microcontroller Development Kit (Keil MDK) is the most comprehensive software development solution for Arm Cortex-M-based embedded, IoT, and ML edge device applications. With support for over 10,000 different microcontrollers from 38 different silicon vendors available today it is an critical part for many software projects.

Today, the demand for more machine learning (ML) capabilities in IoT applications is growing exponentially, and our roadmap has evolved to meet these needs with the introduction of the Cortex-M55 and Cortex-M85 microcontrollers (MCUs), designed to address high-performance ML and DSP workloads. As IoT devices get smarter, developers are facing increasing software complexity that requires new development flows. 

To address these requirements, Arm announces Keil MDK Version 6, optimized for the entire Arm Cortex-M and Ethos-U processor portfolio.

Keil MDK Version 6 includes

  • Keil Studio Desktop, an extension pack for Microsoft Visual Studio Code (VS Code) provides an integrated development environment (IDE) for Cortex-M-based microcontrollers. With full support of CMSIS workflows and an integrated debugger, it includes components to create, build, and test embedded applications.
  • A CMSIS-based development flow with the CMSIS-Toolbox is a critical element of Keil MDK Version 6. Starting with a device or board selection that configures the complete toolchain including debug, it gives access to reusable software components including various RTOS kernels, device drivers, and middleware.
  • Enhanced integration of Arm Virtual Hardware (AVH) removes the need to develop on physical silicon and enables test automation of software workloads with precise Cortex-M simulation models. Combining desktop and cloud-based workflows allows developers to embrace CI/CD, DevOps, and MLOps core concepts and a software first development approach.

Along with newly introduced host support for Windows, Linux, and macOS, MDK Version 6 continues to include the proven µVision IDE for Windows and features for functional safety. Embedded systems frequently require several years of product longevity and MDK supports the entire product lifecycle from initiation to completion and maintenance. Keil Studio Cloud continues to complement the MDK desktop tools with a ready-to-use cloud-native development environment that requires no installation.

Get the Tools

Professional tools for any platform, with licence options for commercial and non-commercial use.

All tools are free to use for non-commercial projects under the Community Edition licence. For commercial use, you’ll need an Essential or Professional Edition licence.

Keil Studio for VS Code

Keil Studio for VS Code

With full support of CMSIS workflows and an integrated debugger, the VS Code pack includes extensions to create, build, and test embedded applications.

Keil Studio Cloud

Keil Studio Cloud

Quickly evaluate software and hardware with a ready-to-use cloud-native development environment that requires no installation.

Keil μVision

Keil μVision

Our legacy IDE that is proven in use by hundreds of thousands of developers. Available for Windows hosts only.